Maurice's Party Animals can provide you with world-class Live Entertainers for your next party. Magicians, Balloonists, Caricaturists, Character Actors, Costumed Characters, Clowns, Fortunetellers, Mentalists . . . Maurice's Party Animals has it all!

Have Britney Spears to you next party! Dazzle your party guests with our amazing Celebrity Look-a-Likes.

Or consider the ever-popular Sideshow Dan. Circus-trained, Sideshow Dan is a one-man vaudeville act. From magic to fire eating; from face painting to balloon sculpting; from stilt-walking to juggling; Sideshow Dan does it all.

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Live Entertainers

Balloon Sculptors

Animals. Swords.  Wacky hats.  You name it.  Our expert Balloon Sculptors will delight you with what they can sculpt out of balloons.  Always a crowd-pleaser.  Loved by adults & children alike. 


The Balloonatic

Super heros.  Exotic Creatures.  Life-sized Cartoon Characters.  The most amazing, fabulous intricate balloon sculptures you've ever seen.  Combined with constant comedic banter.  You have to see it in action to believe it.  Thoroughly entertaining to watch.  A true showstopper!



(The) Candy Man

Watch with "sweet" delight as The Candy Man sculpts candy into an assortment of shapes & designs.  This act is almost too delicious for words!



An amusing artistic interpretation of your guests can be captured on paper by our caricaturists.  Each caricature will be customized on the bottom with the activity of your guest's choice. Artists can produce approximately 15 caricatures per hour.


Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Britney.  Cher.  Ricky.  Choose from a number of celebrity look‑a‑likes to roam around your event and interact with your guests.  Ask for your celebrity of choice..


Character Actors

Liven your party with our character actors who will mingle with your guests, entertaining and amusing them throughout your party.  Character actors are available in a multitude of roles & costumes to complement your party theme. 


Costumed Characters

Love those animated characters from cartoons, television & movies?  Adored meeting them life-size at Disney, Great Adventure & Sesame Place?  Choose from our extensive list of characters to make even the most sophisticated party guest feel all star-struck, warm & fuzzy!   Our characters provide great photo opportunities. 



Everybody loves a clown.  Our professional clowns will charm your guests--children and adults alike -- with a variety of special skills including:  strolling antics; pocket magic; face-painting; balloon sculpting; stilt-walking; fire-eating; juggling and more...  Note:  different performers specialize in different skills.    Please specify your interest. 


Fortune Tellers/Psychics/Tarot Card Readers

Treat your guests to a glimpse into their future.   Our psychics use tarot cards, numerology and psychic readings to give your guests a sneak peak at their lives in the months and years to come.   Note:  Our readings will always send your guests away feeling happy & optimistic. 


Fire Eaters

Amaze your friends as our fire eater swallows burning objects.


Hand Writing Analysts

Learn what the way in which your dot you "i's" & cross your "t's" reveals about your personality.  Our professional handwriting analysts are always insightful and entertaining. 



Jugglers amuse both the old and the young.  Our jugglers entertain and can also teach your guests the basics of juggling.


Massage Therapists

Relax.  Have a seat.  Let our professional masseurs help you release your tension & get all your knots out.  Most guesses will not have to be asked twice to indulge in this luxury!



Abracadabra.  Hocus Pocus.  Ladies & Gentleman....Our professional magicians will circulate among your guests, dazzling them, amazing them & mesmerizing them with a huge repertoire of card tricks, pocket magic and illusions.  A great addition to any party.  Entertaining for all ages. Our Magicians will also perform a 45-minute professional magic show for a pre-assembled audience.  



Sideshow Dan, the Multi‑Talented Performer

Circus-trained, Sideshow Dan is a one-man vaudeville act.  From magic to fire eating; from face painting to balloon sculpting; from stilt-walking to juggling; Sideshow Dan does it all.  Each time your guests think they've seen the last of him, Sideshow Dan will reappear as one of his many hilarious characters.  Full of surprises, Sideshow Dan will keep your guests awestruck & amused. 



Your guests will be amazed by our experienced mentalists.  They won't believe their ears when he reads their minds & accurately shares their thoughts with the crowd.  Lots of fun & great entertainment for all. 



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