Maurice's Party Animals has one of the world's greatest collections of Inflatables for you to choose from for you next party or event.

Human Foosball/Basketball Combo
Twelve players compete to pay a traditional game of human
foosball. A cleverly designed grid keeps everyone restricted to their designated zone. For variety, grid/straps can be removed and the unit turns into a basketball court with built-in hoops. Popular for large and small events alike.

35ft. x 18 ft. 13 ft. (h)

UFO Encounter Deluxe Lazer Maze
Blast your opponent in this action-packed UFO Lazer Maze. The inside is filled with a maze of walls to conceal you from your adversaries. For safety, the floors are not inflated and the wall aren't attached to the floors. The Maze features two entrance/exit doors. Wildly popular for both large & small events. Twelve
players at a time. Alien head is detachable to meet indoor ceiling requirements.

30 ft. x 30 ft. x 18 ft. (high)

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UFO Encounter



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Interactive Inflatables

Full Throttle
Wow. A portable room filled with the greatest interactive racing game. Full Throttle has two full size racing cockpits where your guests can challenge each other to fast, realistic races. You need to see it in action to understand just how much fun you will have!

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Alien Obstacle Course
We can prove that Alien's do exist, at least on this brand-new Space Alien -themed obstacle course. Participants will be challenged as they run, climb, slide, crawl & squeeze their way through Alien territory back to civilization as we know it. Perfect for large events as well as smaller private functions. 40 ft. x 11 ft. x 15 ft. high

Nonstop action awaits you in the Defender Dome. Defend your goal against three other players in this fast-moving inflatable game. Four players face off against each other on an angled surface with a goal of their own to defend against any of the other players from any direction attempting to score on your goal.

34 ft. x 34 ft. x 18ft. (h)

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The Foam Pit is a super spot for dancing, sliding and general fun. Our spacious Foam Pit has room for everyone! Just tell your guests to be prepared for fun.

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Our brand new Rock and Joust puts a new twist on the ever-popular inflatable gladiator joust. Opponents stand together on a free-floating rocking pedestal as they attempt to knock each other off into a cushiony enclosed moonbounce.

25 ft. x 25 ft. x 5 ft. (h)
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Adrenaline Rush
Obstacle Course

Get extreme! Go vertical!  There are no limits on the incredible Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course.  The most challenging & intense inflatable obstacle course made, the Adrenaline Rush offers three lanes with 11 intense challenges in each. Participants= hearts will pump as they jump, climb, crawl, squeeze and slide their way through each of the 80-foot running lanes.  Perfect for individuals & team challenges alike. 

40 feet x 27 feet x 16 feet high




Rat Race

Will it ever end?
Does your life sometimes take you in circles?
Feel like you’re going nowhere fast?
This is the ride for you!
One of the hottest obstacle challenges around, the Rat Races figure-eight track is a new alternative to conventional straight courses. 

Two opponents race in opposite directions through numerous obstacles to make it to the finish line first!
This ride is fast and exciting for kids and adults! A series of obstacles await you just around the corner. Tire run, squeeze-plays, tackle dummies, tunnels and a giant slide make for one wild obstacle course!

58 feet x 30 feet x 20 feet high



Volcano Mountain
(Rock Climbing)

Test your climbing skill on our portable mountain.  Our inflatable mountain provides safe climbing fun.  Used with professional rock climbing harnesses.

22 feet x 22 feet x 22 feet high




Bungee Run

Two bungee runners race side-by-side down this giant two lane inflatable while harnessed to a bungee cord.  The object is to place a sticky baton as far down the lane as possible before the bungee cords yanks you backwards.  Whoever gets furthest wins.  A hilarious time for both participants & spectators, the Bungee Run is one of the most popular inflatable games of all time.  A proven hit. 

11 feet x  35 feet x 7 feet high




Touchdown Bungee Equalizer

Two players are connected via bungee cord to a giant inflatable football helmet in the center of a giant inflatable football field.  Each player tries to reach his or her respective goal post before their opponent pulls harder and tugs them back to the home base.  A Superbowl of fun with every try! 

45 feet x 15 feet x 11 feet high




Bouncy Boxing

Strap on our life-sized overstuffed boxing gloves, enter our inflatable boxing ring and square off for the match of your life.   A challenge just to keep your balance, everyone=s an underdog in this hilarious competition.  Great fun for contestants & spectators alike.  Always a hit at any event.

15 feet x 15 feet x 10 feet high




Pedestal Joust:

Move over American Gladiators.  Now everyone can get in on the action.  And they will! Two gladiators do battle on padded pedestals in an inflatable arena.  Each player uses his foam-padded jousting pole to knock the enemy off their pedestal.  A great way to settle any score!  Who knew revenge could be so much fun?  A blast for participants & spectators.

25 feet x 23 feet x  3 feet high




Lava Pit Four Way Joust

Our Lava Pit Joust is a four way medieval version of our wildly popular Pedestal Joust.  Participants are outfitted with head gear, shields and jousting poles.  They may play individually or in teams.  Losers fall safely into our “fiery” MoonBounce pit. 

26 feet x 26 feet x 14 feet high







Jackpot Money Machine

Step into a giant inflatable Slot Machine and try your luck as the money flies around you.  Grab as much as you can.  Cash can be real or play/redeemable for prizes.    A lighted revolving message will be programmed with any message to personalize your event.

5 feet x 6 feet x 10 feet high


Velcro Wall

Ready. Strap on a Velcro suit, spring off an air trampoline against our giant Velcro Wall and stick to new heights (hopefully higher than any of your friends!)  Our outrageously funny Velcro Wall will keep you and your guests laughing for hours.  Sure to bring out the competitive nature in friends!

11 feet x 21 feet x 13 feet high

Haunted House

Enter our inflatable spook house filled with not so imaginary ghosts, goblins and other creatures of the night.  Spooky surprises around every corner.  Perfect for Halloween, but a carnival favorite any time of year.

30 feet by 30 feet by 15 feet high

Lazer Tag Maze

Bring the popular Lazer tag craze home to your event with our inflatable Lazer Maze.  Ten kids at a time can strap on our electronic vests, arm themselves with lazer guns and dodge friends, foes & aliens alike through an intricate system of inflatable walls.  Kids will have a blast on this intergalactic adventure.  A stellar sensation at private parties & community events of all kinds. 

18 feet  x 32 feet  x  6 feet high




Water Tag Maze

WATER TAG is an exciting walk-through game played like Laser Tag, using water instead of laser equipment. Wildly popular.  A sure hit on a hot summer day. 

25 feet x 25 feet x 8 feet high




Deluxe Laser Tag Maze

This deluxe 625 square foot maze makes our traditional laser tag even more challenging.  It boasts seemingly endless enclaves for savvy players to hide.  As exciting for adults as it is for kids.
25 feet x 25 feet x 10 feet high


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