Whoosh your guests to tons of fun with Maurice's Party Animal's amazing Inflatable Slides! Maurice's giant slides are an instant hit with partygoers young and old.

The Foam Pit is a super spot for dancing, sliding and general fun. Our spacious Foam Pit has room for everyone! Just tell your guests to be prepared for fun.

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Wild Rapids Water Slide

Our brand new Wild Rapids Water Slide is the ultimate experience for those hot summer days. Participants ride down in individual inner tubes. Hold on, things can get
Slippery! Can be used wet or dry.

54 ft. x 14 ft. x 22 ft. (h)
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Slides and Slide’N Bounce Combos





Bounce, crawl and slide amongst the stars in this cosmic inflatable. This Bounce/Slide Combo features a bouncing area, amazingly detailed digital graphics, a crawl through area, a slide, and child-proof netting.
22 feet x 18 feet x 13 feet (high)

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Treasure of the Caribbean
New for 2005, Treasure of the Caribbean is a pirate-themed giant obstacle course. Participants will battle their way through winding obstacles, climb to the treasure chest and slide their way out down the dual slides. Great fun for all ages.

43 ft. x 44 ft. x 20 ft. (h)
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Treasure of the Caribbean

Giant Double Slide
Wow you guests with this monstrously Giant Slide! Fun for all!

32 feet x 16 feet x 17 feet (h)

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Double Lane Slide
Now you can have twice the fun at your next event with the new giant Double Lane Slide!
12 feet x 16 feet x 7.5 feet (h)

Long John Silver

Yo, ho! Yo, ho! The Pirate's Life's for Me! New for 2005, our Long John Silver Pirate Ship is a combination moonbounce & slide that is sure to please kids of all ages. This newly designed inflatable features a central tower which separates the kids that are jumping from the kids that are sliding.

32 ft. x 16 ft. x 17 ft. (h)

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Giant Tidal Wave Slide

(Picture on left)

This giant double lane slide will make your guests think they're somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands.  Participants climb single file up the center ladder, then slide  down one of the two giant slides--one in each aisle. At 36-ft. high, our Tidal Wave Slide will thrill even an avid surfer.  For an extra bonus, The Tidal Wave Slide can be used as a water slide.   

41 feet x 18 feet x 36 feet high

Giant Slide Of Doom

(Picture on right)

Just try and keep your guests off of our giant 27-foot-high Slide of Doom.  Custom designed for us, this giant inflatable slide features double lanes for double the fun and excitement.   Kids and adults will line up to climb the monstrous castle, screaming with delight as they slide among the ghosts, goblins & creatures of the night.  Once they reach the bottom, they=ll stand up only to get back on line and start all over again.  A star attraction at any event as well as a sure-fire money maker at any fundraiser. 

32 feet x 20 feet x 27 feet high.


Camelot Castle Bounce With Dual Slides

(Picture on left)

Our giant Camelot Castle would make King Arthur proud.  This majestic inflatable is both a MoonBounce and a giant double slide.  Always a crowd pleaser, the Camelot Castle features a giant jumping space, two climbing ramps, full-size netted windows and of course, two giant slides.  A hit at any party, as well as a guaranteed money maker at any fair or carnival.  With its magnificent graphics, people will be talking about the Camelot Castle for months to come. 

30 feet x 30 feet. x 20 feet high

Double Dump Truck Slide

(Picture on left)

Our Double Dump Truck Slide is one monster dump truck you=ll happily park in your backyard. This double-lane slide is perfect for community events, school functions & private parties. Kids make their way up the center-aisle rope climb, then slide down one of two 20-foot slippery slopes.  Big enough to ensure a thrill.  Compact enough to fit in your yard.

22 feet x 17 feet x 20 feet high


Backyard Water Slide

(Picture on right)

A smaller version of our giant Tidal Wave Slide for backyard parties.  The perfect cool down for a hot summer party. Participants climb single file up the back ladder, then slide down into a pool of water.  Always a hit.  Slide can be used dry on cooler days.

22 feet x 17 feet x 20 feet high


Super Slide'N Bounce Combo:

(Picture on left)

Come one! Come all!  Jump, Jump, Jump! And Slide, Slide, Slide!  Our Super Combo is both a moonbounce and a slide in one.  A divider wall with passageway allows kids to move freely from slide to bounce while keeping play areas separate & safe.  Custom designed circus/carnival graphics make this an irresistible attraction at any event.  

25 feet x 20 feet. x 14 feet high



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